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HRV in a bit more detail


Over the next several posts I will attempt to provide a little more depth to the typical explanations of heart rate variability that I’ve provided in the past. I will be displaying ECG data and HRV software screen shots to provide a better visual representation of HRV analysis. I will present and discuss things like;

  • How HRV data is often collected and analyzed
  • ECG basics
  • What respiratory sinus arrhythmia looks like
  • What an ectopic beat looks like
  • What a tachogram is and looks like (HRV software)
  • Comparing athlete to non-athlete ECG/HRV data
  • Looking at supine and standing ECG/HRV data
  • Looking at paced vs. spontaneous breathing data and how it affects HRV
  • Showing how subtle errors can impact an HRV measurement
  • Discussing HRV research questions that my colleague and I are investigating here in our lab
  • Whatever else seems  relevant as I get writing

Today’s post will serve as a brief…

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SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output A

Attempt #3

Complete a five min warm up and two consecutive 20 bike sessions. I did not worry about my average heart rate, I was trying to keep my RPMs above 70. My average RPMs and Average watts include a five min warm up and both 20 min sessions.

Segment A

  • Distance: 5.3 miles
  • Average HR 130
  • MPH 15.9
  • M/S 7.1

Segment B

  • Distance 4.85 miles
  • Average HR 130
  • MPH 14.9
  • M/S 6.5

Segment C

  • Distance 4.85 miles
  • Average HR 131
  • MPH 14.9
  • M/S 6.5

Average watts (45 min) 198
Average RPMs 64

SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output A.

SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output B.

SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output C.