HRV Measurement Frequency: Comparing 3 day to 7 day per week recordings


There is very little longitudinal HRV data within the research, particularly in team sport athletes. In many cases, HRV will be assessed pre and post or pre, mid and post of a pre-season camp or what have you. This is very likely due to the inconvenience of acquiring this type of data in athletic populations. For the study to be research quality, validated tools must be used (ECG, Polar, Suunto, Omegawave, etc.). In addition, standard measurement procedures are required to ensure that the data is of sufficient quality. This generally involves a 5 minute rest period followed by a 5 minute recording. However, some researchers have used shorter resting and recording durations. Measurement standards for athlete monitoring in the field need to be developed. This is an area my colleague Dr. Esco and I are working on in our lab. This includes cross-validating field HRV tools, assessing the suitability of…

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