Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words For October 2013

great page  Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words For October 2013

One of my favorite things to share on this blog is something I like to call “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words.” These blog posts are a way to take a quick snapshot of what is happening with the way nutrition, food and health messages are being portrayed in our culture and showing you the insanity that some of this stuff is. When you start looking at things through the prism of an enlightened low-carb, Paleo, real food perspective, the world we live in today just tends to look absurd and like we’re in an old episode of The Twilight Zone (I can hear Rod Serling’s voice and the “loo-loo-loo-loo, loo-loo-loo-loo” music playing in the background). But, unfortunately, they are real–VERY REAL! This is always a sober reminder of just how much work is left to be done if real change in the way we eat and get healthy is ever going to happen. It’s one of the reasons I remain so passionate about this stuff to help re-educate the public. These images I’ll be sharing with you today underscore why it is so critical for all of us to continue to share this message with everyone we can. There are real lives at stake here that are worth saving from the slick marketing of health lies that are keeping people obese and ill. In case you’ve missed any of my previous pictures posts, take a look at all of the one I’ve shared previously in blog posts: June 2011August 2011September 2011October 2011November 2011December 2011January 2012March 2012April 2012June 2012July 2012September 2012,December 2012February 2013 and June 2013.

Check out my latest installment of “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” for October 2013! I suppose you could call these the “Four Horsemen Of Bad Health”:

Fix those issues immediately and the collective health of modern man would improve beyond belief. Of course, Walmart promoting this brilliant breakfast combo isn’t going to help matters much:

SERIOUSLY?! And how many moms think this is a pretty good option because there are whole grains in the Pop Tart and OJ is made with fruit? Too many. Of course, some of the worst offenders at making health claims about their carb-filled products comes from the cereal industry:

Did you catch that little heart-healthy tick at the lower right-hand corner? This is the seal of approval from Australia’s version of the American Heart Association. Of course the cereal companies are already seeing the handwriting on the wall about the products they have made hand over fist profits from by putting out more marketing propaganda like this:

General Mills is running scared of losing this cash cow because people are waking up to the ill effects of the whole grain scam. It’s still going to take years to make a true dent in this breakfast staple, but I think it’s coming someday. In the meantime, we get to put up with more obnoxious health marketing like this:

Do you see all the subtle messages conveyed in this ad? The SKINNY dipping message; the placement of a banana as a wholesome health food; the listing of the low amount of calories; telling people this is a “guilt-free” treat because it’s fruit and low-calorie. Sick, sick, sick! Kinda like telling someone who wants to lose belly fat to just eat corn on the cob:

Are these diet and health magazines prominently displayed at the checkout of your local grocery stores really THIS desperate for content that they have to stoop to printing such nonsense? Apparently so. Back to the way foods are marketed, the yogurt industry is one of the worst offenders with things like this:

Yoplait is playing with your mind in this ad. You’re not dieting, you’re making “better choices,” all of our healthy yogurt flavors are “delightful,” they’re only 100 calories and “you’re eating healthier”–GAG! This is so silly but people fall for this too. The frozen yogurt marketing isn’t much better. Here’s another yogurt ad geared towards the younger generation:

Yogurt used to be advertised to women who are dieting, but now they’ve found a new market with kids. And moms obediently buy this stuff thinking it’s somehow better for their children. But turn that yogurt over to see the nutrition and ingredients label to have your eyes opened to the truth. They’re still advertising to women, too:

Here we go again with key buzz words: “Indulgent,” “delicious,” “rich,” “the perfect choice,” and “less fat and calories.” This is pure carbage people, don’t fall for the “healthy” angle. When will the madness end?

With Halloween coming up next week, this letter sent out to the neighbors from a dad with an epileptic son who is on the ketogenic diet to control his seizures just made me smile:

How easy was it for this man to make sure his son gets to participate in Halloween without compromising his health in the process? What strategies have YOU used with your kids at Halloween to keep them away from overindulging in the sugary stuff? Do tell! Of course, even the stores know what that candy is doing when they start cross-marketing like this:

A diabetes medication shelf talker in the candy aisle–CLEVER! Even kids know all that sugar can’t add up to anything good:

LOVE IT! What I don’t love is how fat continues to be vilified in magazine articles communicating health messages to the masses:

Did you see the irony of those comments about dietary fat? They claim “it’s not clear yet” about the inflammation-fighting fats, but “it makes sense to avoid the saturated fats” while consuming fish and vegetable oils (HIGHLY inflammatory, BTW!) instead. Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth in a full display of ignorance. UGH! Of course, it can’t be good when there are products like this out there:

Hmmm, 100% beef made with “all white meat chicken”–something tells me that just doesn’t add up. Oh, but chicken can have “a higher level of care” according to this ad:

How much you wanna bet these chickens are still raised in a feed lot as part of a factory farm? Count on it. The whole antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed nonsense is just more marketing mumbo-jumbo! The advertising of this stuff is so nuanced, look at this one:

Notice how they display “premium” so prominently as if to say that this is a quality product. No, it’s just more crappy carbs. Here’s another one:

They brag about the mac & cheese being “made with real cheese.” Ummm, what else would it be made of, geniuses? Speaking of made of, have you ever seen a breakdown of all the ingredients it takes to make a chicken nugget? Here’s the dirty truth:

So this “chicken” is actually a lot more carbohydrate-rich ingredients than anything else. But people eat this stuff thinking it is chicken. There should be a rule stating you can’t call a food-like product something that it’s not. Although I totally believe this is what it says it is:

Crack Jello–what will they think of next? If you’ve ever had to eat in a hospital, then this might look familiar:

Isn’t it crazy they’ve got every nutritional alternative available from low-fat to vegetarian, but NO options for low-carb or Paleo. Come on, get with the program! At least horses are getting the right nutritional education:

This poster was actually on display at the Minnesota State Fair this year–pretty cool stuff! Not so cool is this kind of product being marketing to people with “high cholesterol” as a means for getting more heart healthy:

This is utterly ridiculous! These “chews” will probably lead to more inflammation making you even more susceptible to heart disease in the end. How do these companies get away with making such health claims without consequence? And finally, I wanted to share my latest blood sugar, blood ketone and urine ketone readings as I’ve continued to test them daily:

Being ketogenic virtually all the time now has been a true godsend to me and my health and I look forward to sharing more about that in my June 2014 book Keto Clarity which I’ll be working on in the next few months. Stay tuned! If you have anything you think fits within the “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” series, then e-mail the link or the photo itself to me at You could see your picture show up in a future post here at my blog. The more we share these messages and explain why the way we’re doing things is perhaps wrong or misguided, then I think we can spark a genuine and authentic conversation about diet and health that is so desperately needed now more than ever before. Until that happens, we’ll keep chugging along sharing this message through the megaphone we have here. I’m grateful for your support of this blog and all the work I do with “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb.” If I can ever help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime at


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