SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output A/B

This was my first attempt at testing cardiac drift and trying to find my decoupling rate. I took a cardiac output session and divided in to two – consecutive – twenty min sessions. I used a stationary bike that provided average RPM’s and Watts.  After a five min warm up I started out at 80 RPM’s – after about 10 min I was unable to maintain this pace and settled for a HR average of 130 as my guide for both sessions.

My results:

Average watts: 207/238

Distance: 5.6/5.9 miles

Average RPM’s:  70/72

MPH: 16.8/17.7

M/S:  7.5/7.9

AVG HR 131

Need to make a few changes for sure, I expected the second session to be more difficult and it wasn’t. I will try again later this week.

SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac Output A.

SportsTrackLive | jpcollins | Cardiac output B.


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