Weighted 110kg (Barbell) Box Jumps

Click here for the vidieo Weighted 110kg (Barbell) Box Jumps

Time to upgrade your Box Jumps.

This guy (Master of Sports in Weightlifting) does Weighted Box Jumps (with a 110kg x5) and maintains pretty good form throughout the set.

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was like “what the hell is he doing? Injury risk yadadada”. But on second thought, if you pick a weight that allows you to keep good form throughout the movement (no valgus knee i.e. knees not coming in etc.) this is a great exercise.

(Weighted) Jumps in general are very good to develop speed /explosiveness in athletes and many of the soviet/russian books advocate jumps as primary tool of improving speed.

Does it mean you have to do it with a 110kg barbell on your back? Of course not (unless you can make it look as solid as this guy does).

Watch out for this movement in the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Update: There seems to be some confusion about this.

  • What it is: an exercise to improve speed /explosiveness.
  • What it is not: a “CrossFit Exercise” i.e. something that is done for high reps, or in a fatigued state, or both.

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