Chinese Weightlifting Experience

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Yatin Parasher shared his experiences visiting China’s weightlifting gyms.

Where: “My China Experience” Thread on Pendlay Forum. Read the whole thing.

He even started to upload some videos to his youtube channel. So subscribe for future uploads.

Here are just a couple of interesting things he mentioned.

Things they do: EVERYTHING, the Chinese are very open to suggestions as long as they bring result. They used all kinds of bodybuilding stuff post training, they did all kinds of mobility stuff when needed.

A Sample Week:

Monday: 2 sessions, they squatted in the morning and pulled in the afternoon, the pulls correspond to the lift they did, so snatch pull, if they snatched or cl pulls if they cleaned
Tuesday: squat in the morning (alternate back front depending on what they did monday) evening pulls (alternated)
Wednesday: pulls
Thursday: nothing just accesory or soccer or basketball
Friday: pull or squat depending on what athlete needs more of
Saturday: squat and pull
And on female training:

They also train their females differently than men.. They said females have more endurance therefore could be pushed more, they lifted heavier more often and their deload was every 4th week whereas the guys they said deloaded every 3rd week.


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