For full article click here WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY (WBC) : PART 3

Summary of benefits
  1. Less muscle damage during training when WBC is used
  2. Greater tolerance to training over several days when WBC is used
  3. Greater anaerobic power and adaptation to training
  4. Improved testosterone levels in male athletes
  5. Better immune profile following WBC exposure
  6. Improved endorphin levels when WBC is used.
  7. Greater antioxidative status
  8. Enhanced mood and relaxation
  9. Better sleep quality
There is a growing body of research supporting the positive benefits of using WBC as a recovery strategy and as an adjunct to physical training for athletes from several sports. In addition, there is strong support from leading professional sport teams that WBC does indeed assist in providing superior gains during intensive physical training over and above that possible without the assistance of WBC. Several studies provide support for such benefits while pointing to the need for more detailed research.
The message is clear, athletes and players who use WBC as an adjunct to their training can expect to feel better and be able to recover faster from training. In addition the effectiveness of using WBC in between dense periods of competition may hold much value, however specific studies examining the effectiveness of WBC during such periods has yet to be undertaken. As is normal, we await well prosecuted research in examining the potential of WBC as an ergogenic aid, however, many professional teams are not waiting. They are taking the cold exposure regardless.

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