Why we insist that squatting is almost always quad dominant and fast

Why not keep the squat articles coming.

Why we insist that squatting is almost always quad dominant and fast – See more at: http://lifthard.com/why-we-insist-that-squatting-is-almost-always-quad-dominant-and-fast/#sthash.YkVUFZgg.dpuf

First let’s explore why we use squats.

1. To strengthen the entire body especially the legs, as it drives testosterone levels up and turns on the neural system to fire faster.

2. To stand up after your cleans and snatches.

3. To help drive the bar overhead

What is isn’t to us weightlifters

1. It isn’t a competition movement on weightlifting.

2. It isn’t to lift the maximum amount of weights in the squats if the technique isn’t the same as what you would do in a snatch and clean and jerk

Now go back to the basic idea of how Chinese do weightlifting. Technique must be similar to what you would do in your competitions. If you drive your knees and hips back, you need to make sure that the way you snatch and clean and jerk is like that too. If you push from the heels, (we don’t), then fine, use that technique to squat.

If you’re like us that drive the hip into the bar and slice it up from the ankles, use your quads more.

Now as to why we’re generally proponents of NOT driving from the heels is because we don’t want a powerful but loopy bar which most people struggle with. We find people tend to bang the bar a little too hard when using this technique. So the bar goes high but it also goes forward and back. Above all, the biggest problem with this technique is the inefficiency. The fake confidence that banging the bar hard creates. What do you mean by this Kirk?

Eg: When you are playing a video game, sports racing game. When you’re cornering in that game, sometimes you get excited and lean sideways. Or you press the button on the joystick (I don’t know what they call it nowadays) really really hard. Does it make the car corner faster? No, very unlikely. It’s the same as the barbell. There’s a limit to how much force you should drive into the barbell to get that “slice” up. Anything more, you’re just going to change the direction of the barbell and cause the hip to hit the bar instead of slicing the bar.

But! Not all lifters that shift to the heels do this. Some of the top lifters can drive it straight up.
Also when standing, I realize a lot of lifters shift the hips up and then lean over. We don’t like this one bit. Makes the bar heavy for no reason. Why this happens?

We have determined that it’s because they snatch or clean too low that they lose control and they begin to rush. And to stand up, they must shift the hips up first and then move the weight to the quads before one can stand. Why? Why don’t you just stand as you naturally would in a front squat. Push the knees in at the bottom and drive out. Use the quads, not hips to stand.

This is why we always say, be in control. All the time.

As to why we say no grinders, we say, train how you want to move when you compete. You want to grind out your cleans? Not likely. So avoid training like a grinder. Move fast fast fast! Be light! Explosive! Most internet weightlifters aren’t weak. They’re just slow. You want to be powerful, move powerful.


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