Why we do not believe in knees pushed out when squatting

Personally, after spend 2 weeks squatting like this, I’ve hit 170KG for triples in my back squat, done slowly. Something I’ve struggled with for years squatting knees pushed out. For years I disliked squatting because it killed my hips and knees. Now…hip and knees, no longer hurt and my ankles for some reason have become more flexible. No, I’ve no clue why.
There’s 2 things I foresee happening.
1. People flip and say that it’ll cause injuries and just because top athletes can do it, doesn’t mean everyone can because anatomically and biomechnically, it’s unstable.
2. People say “But this coach says knees out, etc”
Now here’s a response before it happens.
Be true to your words. Be deep in your thoughts. Not just wide….many people know about a lot of things. But they don’t embrace the depth of the things they learn about.
Try to give something “new”, a chance. We don’t talk tough here at LiftHard.com, because we want to hand out an invitation for you, to think. To reason. To also consider that the Coach speaking on this video has NEVER gotten any knee injuries, has posted a 230KG back squat video after just 4 squat sessions, even after retiring for 2 years.
We’re trying to give you an opportunity, to ponder why Coach Wu has disgustingly massive quads, no knee injuries, ridiculous squat numbers, jumps that are explosive as hell, no IT band pain and really healthy hips.

for another video click – See more at: http://lifthard.com/why-we-do-not-believe-in-knees-pushed-out-when-squatting/#sthash.Wo7XtWXI.dpuf


2 responses to “Why we do not believe in knees pushed out when squatting

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