HRV Reflects Travel Stress


Travelling is a part of competitive sport and is an issue that most athletes deal with on a regular basis. Non-athletes may not appreciate just how stressful travelling can be, particularly when it is combined with the demands of training, practice and competition schedules. I’ve learned that travel is especially more stressful for individuals who like to maintain a regular routine. This includes athletes who like to eat at regular times, train at regular times, sleep, etc. To make things worse, crossing time zone’s can add further issues by effecting sleep patterns and disturbing circadian rhythms.

I’m sure if your athletes are open and honest enough, they will be able to communicate any issues they’re experiencing as a result of the travel. However, there’s evidence to show that HRV monitoring is capable of reflecting the time course of individual adaptation to travelling via changes in autonomic activity in healthy folks (Tateishi…

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