RMSSD: The HRV Value provided by ithlete and BioForce


Most individuals who take their sport or training very seriously have likely heard of heart rate variability (HRV). Thanks to devices such as the Polar RS800 (Formerly S810) wrist-watch/heart rate monitor and eventually ithlete, the first (to my knowledge) commercially available smart phone HRV application, HRV data can be collected easily and affordably. The recent accessibility of HRV tools has resulted in greater usage, more data and of course greater popularity.

What most folks aren’t aware of however is that HRV is not a solitary figure or value. In fact, numerous HRV parameters exist that are supposedly representative of different autonomic variables. Below is a brief list and description of popular HRV analysis methods and values (many more values exist than described).

Time Domain Analysis: This method includes statistical and geometrical analysis of R-R interval data. Common statistical time domain values include:

  • SDNN – Standard Deviation of Normal to Normal…

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