HRV and Training Density


I’m about to start week 3 of a new training cycle. In reviewing my HRV trend from the past two weeks you’ll see a massive change from week 1 to week 2. Clearly, last week was significantly more stressful than week 1. This was unintentional. I decided to do some calculations to see what may have happened.

The goal of this phase is to progressively accumulate volume with moderate loads over a 3 week period with a slight reduction in week 4. However, I am very undisciplined in these phases and always go heavier than I should, too soon. I vary set/rep ranges each week but try and stick to lower RPE’s. I like to really focus on technique development during these phases since the loads are supposed to be lighter.

Here is what the two weeks looked like for my main working sets (assistance work not included as it…

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