The 100: Do Only Sugar Calories Matter?

The 100: Do Only Sugar Calories Matter?

That’s the premise behind Jorge Cruise’s new book, The 100. It says that by only counting sugar calories dieters can expect to lose up to 18 pounds in just two weeks.

Cruise has brought the world several diet plans over the years including the 3 Hour Diet and The Belly Fat Cure, but now he says that the newest science confirms that ONLY sugar calories matter.

Could it really be that simple? 

The 4 Week 100 Plan

The basis of the whole diet is limiting the dieter to only 100 sugar calories per day. This would be roughly 25 grams of sugar -or- 25 grams of non-fiber carbs.

Cruise says any carb that isn’t fiber is essentially sugar because that is how it is broken down and used by the body.

Jorge Cruise says that he has taken the best parts of the Atkins, Paleo, and Low Glycemic diets to formulate a winning diet plan that avoids all the pitfalls associated with the other low carb diets.

4 Weeks Worth of Meal Plans

The 100 provides dieters with 4 weeks worth of meal plans with two different options:

  • The 1 Menu– Very specific guidelines with limited options.
  • My Menu Planner– More flexible for those who need a less restrictive plan.

The 100 provides dieters with shopping lists and additional tools that help them keep track of their sugar calories, but I’m sure there’s an app for that.


The 100 allows many food freebies such as egg whites, chicken breast , salad vegetables, nuts, and dill pickles, but with some of the freebies the recommended servings listed in the meal plan would have to be followed if dramatic results are to be expected.


Cruise cites many books and research studies that support his 100 sugar calorie theory of weight loss and references them accordingly.

Probably a Bit More Complicated in Reality

I can attest that a few years ago when I set out to drastically reduce the amount of refined sugars and carbs in my daily diet, this simple step made a big difference in me dropping my body fat percentage.

Also, I’m sure that people that are accustomed to eating a lot of sugar and refined carbs will experience weight loss when these foods are drastically reduced.

But in reality, weight loss is a tad more complicated than just keeping sugar calories to 100 or less each day. For example, if a dieter eats 3000 calories of cheese a day or 3000 calories of steak, I don’t think they will experience weight loss.

While I do think that some calories do make it harder to lose weight or are more taxing on the metabolism, I do still believe that it is mostly a matter of eating less total calories than your body needs.

This is why The 100 provides meal plans as well as the guideline of only 100 sugar calories. Dieters will be eating at a daily calorie deficit as well as eating “low carb”.

What do you think? Is The 100 Diet over simplified? 


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