My HRV training

Friday, April 12

Lactic capacity training/Carb Backload

  • Training day HRV 74.9 – HR 75.9
  • Training time 8:00 pm
  • Training duration 37 min. (includes warm up and cool down)
  • Output 8.1 miles
  • Training RPE 8

Training program consisted of 90 second max effort sprints on a Life fitness bike with two minutes rest between each rep for a total of 9 reps.

My thinking going into the session was that by eliminating the 5 min rest between sets from the previous week, I would be able to get my training HR max and average higher .  During my previous session I was able to reach a max heart rate of 164 while maintaining a 141 average HR. I thought I would easily get over 165. I was wrong; I could not get over 145, my average was 131. I graded today’s training with an RPE of 8. It was much more difficult that my last week.

Post workout (next morning) HRV 74.9 – HR 66.5


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