Dr. Oz and The Great Cholesterol Myth

Isn’t eating all that fat going to give you a heart attack? 

I’ve heard this question before, and I’m guessing if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard it, too. I don’t mind, and it really is a reasonable question. After all most doctors advise us to avoid fat, especially saturated fats. So, even though I might offer information and resources to check out why I’m not averse to fats (especially when they’re prepared deliciously), most people will never bother to look into it.

Fat makes you fat; being fat makes you sick; being fat and sick is your fault for eating so much fat.

Even though this convenient, plausible-sounding story is what we’ve predominantly been told for 50+ years, it’s not settled science. It’s anything but free of controversy in the research community. And now, that may be changing in the mainstream medical community as well.

No matter what you think about Dr. Oz, he is immensely influential and his reach is off the charts. The Oprah Winfrey of doctors. And since many people will listen to his advice over their own doctors’ recommendations, this video could come in handy if you’d like to show someone that there are differing, authoritative views regarding statins, high cholesterol numbers, and eating fat.

This episode of Oz’s show aired in mid-December of 2012, and the magnetic poles of the earth haven’t shifted. Your local grocers’ refrigerated shelves are still filled with I-Can’t-Friggin’-Believe-People-Eat-This-Crap. Statin sales are humming along nicely. And…wait.

I thought Oz had influence? I thought he had reach. What’s going on?

Opinions on a large scale rarely change overnight (without bombs, accute fear, etc.). Heck, researchers and scientists are still debating about heart studies from the 1970s. And remember, the marketing campaigns to make us believe sugar is healthy and fat is bad have been conducted over a period of decades by corporations that have plenty of time on their hands.

It’s been a long-term investment that has paid off well in terms of dollars. Even scientific research is funded by corporations with an interest in the outcome of that research. The funding may not come out of their marketing budgets, but it may as well. And since corporations live forever (or until they run out of money), they can be patient.

But on the bright side, enough of us eat this to keep it stocked on store shelves:

So, the world hasn’t changed in the last couple of months since this episode has aired. But the beginnings of change can be difficult to see. And the fact is this episode of Dr. Oz is a part of a much bigger change that was already underway…and still is.


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