HRV Explained Part 2: The Research


In today’s post I want to provide some research to support my bold claims about the effectiveness of HRV. The following research studies have been summarized to make more reader friendly as to not bore anyone who isn’t too interested in research methods, statistical analyses and so on. I have listed the citations for each study at the end for anyone interested in reading the research themselves. Additionally I have each one as a .pdf so just request a copy and I can send it.

HRV Reflecting Recovery status:

Chen et al (2011) found that HRV drops significantly within 24 hours of recovery from a high intensity strength workout in elite male competitive weightlifters and returns to baseline by 72 hours. Weightlifting performance was recovered exceeding baseline and reaching maximum at 72 hours thus showing a significant correlation between HRV and recovery.

Iellamo et al (2004) studied male rowers from…

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