Heart Rate Variability Explained: Part 1

What to explain a little about HRV training before I post what I’m doining with it.


Edit 03/25/2014: For a more in depth discussion on HRV click here

To open my discussion on HRV and its potential usefulness in athletes I would like to first highlight some of HRV’s most promising attributes.

  1. HRV can help determine if and when one is overtraining
  2. HRV can inform you when you are more adaptive to training and when you are less adaptive (telling you when to train hard and when to back off)
  3. HRV can potentially predict if you will perform better or worse on a given day (I’m not sold on this yet)
  4. HRV pretty accurately reflects recovery status

If you take your sport/training seriously, this information is extremely valuable. Throughout the next few posts I will do my best to fully explain what HRV is, how it works and from there we will discuss how to put it to use practically. I would also like to mention…

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