Low-Fat Basics for High-Fat Dummies

from castlegrok.com

It seems there’s a lot of confusion around low-fat diets. I see or am told daily about the detrimental affects of such diets. This is especially frequent from paleo-esque community. I’m mind boggled by some of this stupidity (yes I’m going there) and the following is why.

Repeat after me:

“Not all low-fat diets are bagels and pasta, just like not all high-fat diets are cheeseburgers and fried chicken.”

Repeat that 7 times before continuing. I’ll wait.

This argument is simply as narrow minded as the vegan one which throws a blanket over all animal products (in any quantity) being cancer and heart disease promoting. Pure lunacy. If you’re happy and healthy without animal products in your diet, by all means forgo them, but don’t try and tell me some shellfish or fish every few weeks is giving me heart disease or feeding tumors. You DO NOT have the data to back that up. As Denise MingerChris Masterjohn, and Anthony Colpo have shown, the best data trying to back that argument shows almost the exact opposite to be the case.

If I followed the same rationale as the low-fat diet hating folks, I could say “I’ve never known a healthy person who’s eaten high fat.” There, how’s that for fair? It’s true! I’ve never personally known a lean, fit, happy, healthy person who isn’t at least somewhat conscious about the level of fat they’re intaking. Every person I’ve personally known who’s ever been on a high-fat diet or eats high fat is miserable. This includes myself. Looking back, I was health”ier” as a high-fat diet zealot, but I was far from healthy. I just didn’t know it yet. If anything, I was beginning to slip backward again (pretty typical for low-carb). High-fat diets must be bad for you!!!

We often use the argument, “Is it veganism that made you healthy, or was it the cutting out of the processed crap?” The same argument can be applied for a lower-carb paleo aproach. “Was it adding the ‘Healthy Fats’ (LOL) and cutting carbs that made you healthy, or was it the cutting out of all the processed crap?”

Low-fat diets are as unhealthy for you as your high-fat diet. Can nobody put simple crap together anymore? Have dietary blinders been replaced with canvas bags? Eat real fucking food people.

Obviously I’m a high carb advocate. Just because I personally think high-fat/mostly-meat diets suck a grass-fed dong, doesn’t mean I feel they’re inherently disease promoting. I’d rant a little more about this, but it seems unnecessary at this point, and I have better things to do right now.

Here’s a little chart I put together to help you clear up the low-fat diet bullshit floating around in your keto burning head. Every high-fat paleo zealot knows which fats are “Healthy Fats” but often fall flat of their face when it comes to “healthy carbs.” Seems like it should be painfully obvious, but since it doesn’t appear to be, here you go:

Does the chart above mean that you should guzzle only foods from the “Holy Grail” categories? No. I’ll break it down at a later date. For now it’s just an aid for visual people.

One thing I find comical about the high-fat diet crowd, is how much emphasis is put on processed fats in their “natural diet.” I guess animals selected and bred for fat, and foods like avocados, coconuts, and other nuts don’t have enough “healthy fats” already.  We should process additional fats, add more to the foods, then bake, fry, and broil the hell out of them. I think I’ll start boiling rice and baking potatoes in pasteurized orange juice and add “evaporated cane juice” since they’re both a little low in carbs for my liking in their natural state. No doubt it’ll make them healthier.

Now all you high-fat advocates go back to stuffing your face with nuts and keep telling yourself it’s better than rice. After all, rice has phytates and will give you diabetes you know!

My unhealthy, non-paleo, low-fat dinner of traditionally prepared veggies, rice, black beans, mussels, eggs, and natto is getting cold, so I’ll catch you later. Oh, I didn’t forget to eat my nutritionally devoid, diabetes promoting bags of sugar (aka bananas). I had a pile of them before dinner, after a long grueling 20 minute day of exercise.


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