Is Bread Healthy?


bread sidney crosby Is Bread Healthy?


The processed food industry isn’t happy with us.

  • They are not happy how they are being blamed for the obesity epidemic.
  • They are not happy how “normal” people are starting to listen to us health nuts.
  • They are not happy being portrayed as the bad guy
  • And they are really, really not happy that a growing percentage of us are buying less of their products.

It’s that hit to their bottom line that is forcing them to respond to this darn “healthy eating” epidemic.

Yesterday, Coca-Cola released a commercial highlighting all of the steps they have “voluntarily” taken to help reverse the global obesity epidemic.

Today, we’re going to look at a commercial produced by Dempster’s Bread…designed to convince you that bread is just as healthy as fruits and vegetables.

Huh…maybe Gandhi had it right.

While the processed food industry is still fighting hard to protect their market share, they sure aren’t ignoring or laughing at us health nuts anymore.





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