Nutrient Timing for Training Days – During Exercise

During Exercise

Hierarchy of Importance:

  • Remember the total amount of macronutrients by the end of the day (24hrs) is of most importance, timing is secondary.
  • Through the day, there is a constant overlap of meal absorption, negating the need to split hairs over the precision of meal placement.

During Training Nutrition Goals

  • The objective of during exercise nutrition is to maintain sufficient levels of hydration, blood glucose, and amino acids.

During Training Protein

  • 8-15g per hour is needed
  • A quick digesting protein such as whey is the best choice.
  • Protein consumed during exercise has consistently shown a greater suppressive effect on training induced muscle catabolism.
  • If training last less than 60 minutes, and a protein containing pre work out meal or shake was ingested within 90 minutes of training…during training protein is of no benefit.

During Training Carbs

  • Conservative: 30-60g per hour needed.
  • Liberal: 60-70g per hour needed.
  • Carbs during training can benefit endurance exercise approaching or exceeding 2 hours.
  • During training carbs, protein, and electrolyte concerns are practically nil when training does not exceed 60 minutes when proper pre nutrition is in place.

During Training Fats

  • Does not enhance performance and can cause gastrointestinal upset.

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