Training Log

Beginning Monday 12-3-2012, I will blog my training.

Quick injury history: I’m a 45-year-old former college football player with a wide variety of injuries that I seem to always be rehabing.  I have a torn the PCL and no ACL in my left knee. I’ve had two major procedures done to my right knee. I was told by my surgeon years ago that I would need my right knee replaced by the time I was 40. Happy to say that I have not needed that yet. As of today my legs feel good to great, I have absolutely no limitations and no pain in either knee. I’ve had shoulder surgery on both my right and left shoulder, but I don’t have any limitations to speak of. The only thing that gives me any trouble is I have a torn UCL in my right elbow, which doesn’t hurt unless I throw something (so I don’t throw anything-not a big deal). The left elbow is driving me nuts though, it hurts trying to drink coffee, so I have to work around it. That’s it for the injuries.

Stats: My body weight is 282 lbs. with a body fat around 20% and dropping (in the last month and a half  I’ve lost 20 lbs. and dropped 5% body fat without doing any cardio). I don’t know what I can max on any lift – so nothing to report there. My morning heart rate is usually in the 54-56 range.

Previous lifting PB/PR’s: Snatch (comp) 140 kg, Clean&Jerk (training)175 kg, Back squat (powerlifting) 650 lb., Olympic style back squat 560 lb., Front squat 450 lb.,  Bench 420 lb. and deadlift 660 lb.

Diet: I have drastically lowered my carb intake (to around 150 grams or less per day) and have eliminated any and all processed food, fast food, wheat, Mt. Dew, Gluten and dairy from my diet within the last month. I’ve had amazing results thus far, the aches and pains that I normally lived with on a daily basis are gone. I’ve even stopped taking any and all supplements as a result.

Overall I feel great.


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